The Girl Who Runs

Scurrying by or floating
Depends on the day you see her

What is she running for?
Who is she running from?

Questions that have been evaded
As of late
The deep recessions of her mind
To reconcile on their own
And subdued

It seems they’re long forgotten
But really
She’d forgotten her way home
The path back unclear


Running, though fleeting,
Is her only time to release
Her emotion
Anger, disappointment, sadness, hurt
The slamming of her boots offer her
The sounds, the only sound she let’s herself emit

Shrouded by the state of her world
She soars as she runs
For a brief moment in time

She realises she should do this more


Yesterday/Your Song

For all the people
Who haven’t had their voice,
Their presence,
Their lives,
Their stories,
Their actions
Captured if only for a moment,
A glimpse into their life
And no one currently to remember them
I see you,
Your presence, your lives, your stories
Your thoughts, your actions, your voices
Are beautiful and just as important
You live on with us
No one’s forgotten
Just no longer here

But the earth remembers
The ground remembers
The soil remembers
The wind remembers
The energy remains

Humans: From the perspective of a Human

Humans scare me
Make me feel paranoid
Thrill me,
Leave me bursting full of love
Make me nervous and anxious
At the drop of a tone
They interest and
Fascinate me
Making me wonder and want to
Discover more
Research, talk, experience more
Enthralling and intriguing
Beguiling and bewildering
I’ve never felt more lost
Than when with humans
Lost in the beauty of it all
Lost in the sadness
In the chaos of their worlds and minds
In their lack of thought or
But found in their love and attention
They often speak as though
Words have no meaning
Throwing them this way and that
But can also speak with such
Precision and intricacy
That they leave you speechless
Infiltrating your mind and your
Swirling through the void like
An enchanting bird
Discovering, exploring


The Present

As the grey sky dwindles
The leaves swirl and still
Find reason to dance
A beautiful dance of synchronicity
Propelled by their soul mate, the wind
As we sink into our place
On this typical morning
As the black birds fleet and flitter across
The waves of grey
As though all the human infrastructure
is as normal as the waves they surf
this morning
Above the lake of green
We assemble here to watch a great game
The pastime of past, future and present


How hard it is for me to just sit here

Knowing that there’s a battle going on inside
An invisible battle of worlds

My heart breaks for the wounds I can’t
Tend to
The healer

What do they do without their job

Who am I in this fight

It’s not my battle, but give me armour and I
Will fight
This invisible battle

A fool in an empty battlefield

Where do you go?

I sink,
with clinking armour
A fool

Some fights aren’t yours to fight

Arm me with a blindfold
To lend my efforts
I will fight
I learn to fight blind
Love leads the way

Swept away at Sea

A colourless daydream
Full of wanderlust
For places you can only ever dream about
For your own safety

You’ve tried before

Into the colourless abyss
You get lost
Swept away by the waves
Grey, Blue, Orange, Rose
They all sweep over you
One at a time
Sometimes, all at once
In disarray
A storm at sea
Without a boat
Or the safety of harbour

You float

With time you float
Only for colour to
Seep back in
To place

Talking to the Moon

When you’re overwhelmed but you’re living the dream
When you’re super tired but no one else can see
And you’re not ungrateful, but you say it anyway, because Growth
Growth will have you out here saying things
That you never thought you’d say to anyone
So used to suffering alone,
But now learning that when people say they’re here for you
They mean it

And in all this chaos
That we call life
You’re reminded that your simple task on this earth
Is to simply Be
When all else fails
Remember you’re not expected to do anything
But that

But once the hustle and bustle of life starts again
Will you remember me?

I want

And when I sit with myself I realise
I don’t want sex,
I want love

I want love that engulfs the room
radiating from our connectivity,
from our souls being
on the same wavelength
the same frequency

I want communication without uttering a word
I want synchronicity
I want

Sex comes after
And the love will make it blow our minds
So love comes first